Axe-llent News! We’re About to Offer Even More League Fun

axe throwing bar full of people

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Here at TJ’s Hatchet Hangout, we’ve been proud to offer Standard Hatchet throwing leagues since we first opened our doors. Now we’re happy to let you know that our next league season will bring another WATL league into play: Duals!

Our league seasons will start Sunday, June 20th. To help you decide which is best for you, here’s a quick primer about the newest league option.

Dual League

In Duals, two teammates throw their standard axes or hatchets simultaneously and at the same target from a distance of least 12 feet away. In this partnered competition, standard rules apply with some modifications. 

Every team gets to play four games, with 10 throws per game. Killshots can be called at any time, and an individual thrower does not have to call a Killshot on the same throw as their partner. Unlike in Standard play, once a Killshot has been hit throwers aren’t required to switch Killshots.

Players are required to stand side-by-side and at the same general distance. If they step toward the target, their motion must be in general unison. Here’s how points are scored: if one player’s axe lands in 4 and their teammate’s axe lands in 6, the team is awarded 10 points for that throw.

Total team score wins the match. In the event of a tie, a match will enter into sudden death. Only Killshots are allowed during sudden death throws. If all players hit their Killshot, an additional sudden death throw is required with teammates switching Killshots on the same target.

At the end of the season, the sanctioned league winner will be declared Local Duals Champion and earn seasonal league points for the circuit.

Come Axe-perience a Whole New Way to Play!

We’re excited about bringing another league to Southwest Florida and look forward to seeing you join up! If you have any questions, feel free to contact us to learn more about each competition and the style of play. We’re happy to help!

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