The axe throwing game trend has hit Cape Coral and Southwest Florida thanks to TJ’s owners Natasha Williams and partner in life and love, Jessika Lee. The name “TJ’s” stands for “Tasha and Jessi.”

Williams was looking for a new business opportunity. Then she and Lee learned about the sport of ax-throwing. “We came across it on TV,” Williams said. “We thought it was interesting.” They soon started visiting ax-throwing bars in Florida, North Carolina and Philadelphia, where they trained for a day with the World Axe Throwing League, the governing body in the growing sport.

Williams remembers the first time she tried ax-throwing. “It was awesome!” she said. “It was more fun than you think. It’s addicting once you stick it for the first time.” 

Our goal with opening TJ’s Hatchet Hangout was to create a place where people can have fun!  We created this axe bar to provide people in Cape Coral with a fun team building activity in a safe environment for everyone.   

So come on in and say hello! Throw an axe or two and have a great time with our trained team of axperts. You definitely won’t regret it. 

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