Build Your Own Axe Throwing Target!

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If you’re having a blast throwing at one of our league nights but want to practice when it’s most convenient for you, building your own target at home is a great, easy solution. We understand that your busy schedule can make it hard to visit our kick-axe bar as often as you’d like, so we thought we’d give you tips on how to build your own target at home. 

Keep in mind, these targets aren’t as permanent as the ones in our facility. You’ll also want to make sure that you follow all safety protocols once you begin practicing at home.

Materials List

  • Two upright boards – both measuring 2”x 4”x 84”
  • One ledge board – measuring 2”x 4”x 45”
  • Two support boards – both measuring 2”x 4”x 45”
  • Two leg boards – both measuring 2”x 4”x 72”
  • One back leg board – measuring 2”x 4”x 45”
  • Five back boards – each measuring 2”x 10”x 45”
  • Five target boards – each measuring 2”x 10”x 45”
  • A minimum of 60 screws
  • A drill
  • An official WATL target stencil
  • Official WATL markers, one in each color

Putting it All Together

You may want to get a friend or family member to assist you with building your target’s base to ensure that everything lines up correctly.

Step 1: attach the two leg boards and the back leg board together to form a U-shape.

step 1 to build your own axe target

Step 2: add the upright boards, vertically from the ground. Then connect the support beam from the top of the upright boards to the back of the leg boards.

step 2 to build your own axe target

Step 3: add the ledge board and support boards from the back. Once completed, you can stack the back boards atop each other horizontally and screw them onto the frame. 

step 3 to build your own axe target

Step 4: Attach the target boards to the front of the frame, stacked on top of each other.

Step 5: once you’ve finished adding the target boards, add your target to the boards. Be sure to follow the official WATL rules regarding height measurements for targets, which can be found <a href=”/”>here</a>.

step 5 to build your own axe target

Once you’ve built your target, you can practice at home whenever you get a chance! Of course, we know that nothing quite compares to the axe-perience of throwing at our Cape Coral location. We look forward to seeing you soon and seeing pictures of your home-built target!

Target images courtesy of WhistlePig Whiskey.

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