How to Play

It's as easy as 1, 2, 3!

Become an Axpert!

The rules of axe throwing are similar to the rules of a game of darts. TJ's Hatchet Hangout was designed according to WATL standards.

The ax-throwing area is divided into lanes separated by chain-link fencing. At the end of each lane stands a darts-like target painted on plywood with several concentric circles and a red bull's-eye in the middle.

Players stand behind the red throwing line (which is 12 feet from the target) to start. You can hurl axes down the lane, overhead, either one-handed or two-handed. The closer you get to that middle dot, the more points you score. The wooden target is 48" wide and is made up of 5 rings. The outermost ring is worth 1 point and the points get higher as you move towards the bulls-eye, which is worth 6 points.

TJ’s axperts say it takes at least 10 throws before you start getting the feel for ax throwing. “It’s all muscle memory,” said axpert Dakota Hawkinsen. “But once you start to get the hang of it, you’re gonna get excited. … It’s fun.”

Each game last for 10 rounds of throws. During that game whoever has the highest score wins. The killshot is worth 8 points and is only active/available on throw 5 or 10. The point value awarded to each throw is determined by whichever ring the axe blade is touching.

There are multiple axe games you can play and our axperts know them all! They are more than happy to share them with you so you and your friends can pick whats best for you.  

Do You Want to Step It Up?

Join our league! TJ's Hatchet Hangout offers a recreation in-house and WATL league. For more information, visit our league page here

Happy throwing!