1. Do you have any dedicated lanes for walk-ins?

No. Our lanes are available based on a first come first serve basis. Reservations are recommended but not required. If a lane is open it is available for a walk in.

2. Do you serve food?

We have some light snacks available for purchase. Beer Wine Soda & water are also available for purchase. feel free to bring food with your party or have food delivered in.

3. Is it safe?

It is safe! all participants will have a safety briefing by one of our trained axe-perts where you will learn the rules and exactly how to throw an axe! Plus the axe-perts at our Cape Coral hatchet throwing bar are always there to watch and help the entire time you are throwing.

4. How do you play?

There are a few different games you can play. Your axe-pert will give you all the details. Click here for the basic rules.

5. How many people can I have in my group?

As small as 1 and as large as 75 at one time throwing. If you are a single player or pair you might be included in another group on the same lane.

6. I have no idea how to throw an axe. Can someone show me?

Yes, don't worry. A lot of people have never thrown an axe before. You will be instructed on how to.

7. Is it hard to learn?

No. Not at all.

8. Are there going to be drunk people throwing axes around?

Absolutely NOT. There are lots of safety protocols in place so no need to worry. Your safety is our top priority.

9. Can I bring in my own food?

Yes we allow you to bring in outside food for parties and events.

10. How do I join a league?

Inquire with your axe-pert about league play at TJ's Hatchet Hangout or get more information here.

11. How old do I have to be to play?

18 years or older unless on Sundays where we allow 10+ with a paying adult.

12. Do you offer times other than what you are normally open for parties?

Yes. Inquire for private venue rental.

13. How many games can I play in an hour?

Depends on the size of your group. Please call 239-458-4769 our Cape Coral location, for more information.

14. Do you accept walk-ins or do I have to reserve a lane(s) ahead of time? Reservations are recommended. There is no guarantee on walk-ins if there are no lanes open.

15. Can I bring my own axe in?

Personal axes are allowed to be brought in for league play ONLY — & only on league nights. No personal axes are allowed on regular nights.

16. How heavy is the axe?

2.2 pounds.

17. Is there a dress code when throwing?

Yes. You MUST wear closed-toe shoes. No one wearing sandals will be allowed to participate.

18. Can I take pictures and videos?

ABSOLUTELY! Please take photos and videos. If you post them to social media, please tag us @tjshatchethangout or #tjshatchethangout.

19. Do I lose my money if I need to cancel my reservation?

If your reservation is cancelled within 48 hours then yes you can reuse your reservation at any time within 6 months.